Aboda Design Process

Overview of the design process and generic timeline with Aboda Design Group.

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Pre Engagement
  • Request of broad brief/ project scope and inclusions
  • Site meeting and introduction
  • Design Proposal prepared for review and acceptance
  • Formal engagement of ADG
Sketch Design (SD)
The first steps
  • Brief taken, understood and confirmed
  • Required surveys obtained
  • Site assessed and planning envelope confirmed
  • Existing building works surveyed (eg renovation)
  • First design presented for comment, including full design documents, fly through animation, photo-renders, interactive BIMx 3D model
  • Collaboration and iterative design between Designer and Client (in person or remotely via virtual meetings)
  • Soil testing/ geotechnical engineering fieldwork completed
  • Additional Consultants sought, scope confirmed, proposals received and engaged (Engineering, Town Planning, Private Certifier etc)
  • Design resolution, Consultant input and Council lodgement for Development Approval (DA) and Operational Works (OPW) (where required)
  • Structural Engineering preparation of preliminary structural engineering (for estimating)
  • Quantity Surveyor preparation of preliminary Estimate of Probable Cost
  • Review, negotiation and scheme adjusted in collaboration with Town Planner for Council Approval
  • Obtain Council Approval, celebrate
Working Documentation (WD)
The next steps
  • Review Council Planning approval
  • Design development commences
  • Building Design scope finalised and documented
  • Engineering design and documentation completed (geotechnical, structural, hydraulic etc)
  • Interior Design scope finalised and documented
  • Specialist details/ custom elements designed and detailed
  • Coordination of Consultants (Engineering etc)
  • Preliminary selections completed for Pricing (eg materials, flooring, tiles, cabinetry finishes, plumbing fittings)
  • Preliminary Private Certifier review for Building Approval
  • Completed documentation set for pricing and construction, celebrate
Tender/ Pricing (T/P)
The penultimate step
  • Selection of prospective Builders
  • Issue formal fixed timeframe Tender for pricing
  • Respond to Builder/ Trade pricing queries
  • Receive Tenders and negotiate Contract and Conditions
  • Manage client inclusions provided outside of Contract (where engaged)
  • Appoint Builder, exchange Contract
  • Lodge for Building Approval with Certifier, obtain BA.
  • Site preparation including clearing and existing building works demolition (as required)
  • Commence construction, celebrate!
Construction Design Management (DM)
The final step
  • Assistance with final selections, review of third party design documents (shop drawings etc)
  • Assistance with procurement of client supplied materials, furniture, fittings and equipment (where engaged) via ADG Trade Accounts
  • Monthly site visitation and client representation
  • Daily remote assistance to site for Builder/ Trade/ Supplier/ Consultant build queries
  • Monthly review of Builder claims, quality and schedule/ timeframe
  • Assistance with landscaping implementation (where engaged) with Landscaper
  • Practical Completion and Defects Inspections
  • Handover, celebrate
  • End of defects liability period - review building works, assist Builder to rectify defects.